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Lydo Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional company on Mechanical Lighter and Mechanical Lighter Parts.

We controlled all the patents about Mechanical Lighter worldwide. And what's more, we have many patents on lighter parts, lighter structures and lighter designs.

We focus on easily lighter production, reliable quality, child safety and easily lighter production in any countries.

We design and make all moulds of new models by ourselves, we are very confident that we are much more familiar with lighter structure than other factories. Lighter is dangerous cargo, the safety and quality is depended on not only our rich experience, but also our attitude and faith on the lighter. Our professional service is guaranteed, our professional quality controlling system is guaranteed. And all our products are 100% pass ISO9994 standard.

We like to do long term business with all our customers, we wish everyone becomes to our old customer and old friends!


Tel: +86-757-22801152     Fax: +86-757-22801153


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